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Nana Fanny's Salt Beef - Wholesale Salt Beef brisket, cooked and raw


With cooking taking up to 6 hours, most of our wholesale customers simply haven't got the time, facilities or want to cook their own salt beef and this is where we come in. With our cooked Salt Beef, simply, slice and serve. Salt beef lends itself to re heating, It's a robust product that can handle the process well.

We use our cooked Salt Beef on our London stalls and are very proud of the product.
We never just sell you the meat, instead, we're happy to help you with reheating and equipment advice and can even offer you a masterclass in how we work ourselves.

Our Raw Salt Beef is hand brined, then Vac Packed ensuring a good shelf life. Simply open, cook and serve. We can trim to order and ensure you get the right cuts for your business. Fat is where the flavor is. Lean is often what the customer wants. Either way, we can help NOTHING READS BETTER THAN HOME COOKED SALT BEEF

If that all seems like hard work, why not let us cook the salt beef for you?
We currently charge £11 per cooked kilo (please note that during the cooking process, the briskets will loose approx 38%. Therefore if you purchase 20kilo of raw salt beef from us, and want us to cook it for you, you will net approx 12.5 kilo) and £7.50 per raw kilo ready for you to cook yourself

Both cooked and raw Salt Beef briskets are always available and can be collected from our cold store at our Borough Market location once ordered. Please give us a call in advance to ensure we have sufficient stock.

Click on the header at the top of the page to contact us.

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