Nana Fanny's Salt Beef & Falafel Bar - Our Menu for Camden Lock Market

Salt Beef
has been in our family since 1944. My Nana (my Fathers mother), cooked Salt Beef at the turn of the century in the East End of London, and passed her secret to my father many years ago. He in turn has passed that to me. For the last 4 years, I've been selling our Salt Beef in London's finest food markets
Our salt beef is still hand brined and cooked the traditional way producing that soft buttery texture. We serve it on Bagels baked fresh from Brick Lane every day, or Polish rye which contains a Caraway seed. Thick cut Dutch pickles, fiery English mustard and your good to go.
Of course there is our famous modern take on a classic 'The Reuben' which contains torch melted Gouda Cheese produced at Borough Market and our house cabbage salad pickled in Lemon Juice, Salt and Oil.

Our Falafel
is often cited as 'The Best Falafel In London'. Made with a half and half mixture of organic Turkish chickpeas and skinned fava beans (fuul), Its served on a Khobiz (a Lebanese flatbread) which is coated with hummus made from large white Mexican chickpeas, then sauced with Lebanese tahini (sesame pulp) containing concentrated lemon juice, along with homemade chili. We don’t use citric acid or garlic, which is fine for home made hummus, but which we find can taste a little stale if it’s stored for any length of time. All Served with bright pink pickled turnips (pickled with organic Norfolk cider vinegar and beetroot for natural color) that traditionally go with falafel. Add our homemade cabbage salad, tomatoes and lettuce and you have the perfect walk along street food. A wrap of pure loveliness

Potato Latkes
Finely grated potatoes & onion are combined with eggs, seasoning and matzo meal then fried in canola oil to create the ultimate comfort food. These make a fab snack or accompaniment to our salt beef. Traditional served with sour cream and apple sauce dips. Absolutely stunning

Fish Goujons
Fish fresh from the market is coated in seasoned matzo meal then gently fried. Traditional goujons are served cold however we do serve ours piping hot from the fryer. Amazing in a wrap with salad & tartar sauce or as a salad option for a lighter lunch

Chicken Schnitzel
Ginger Pig chicken breast fresh from the market shop is coated in flour, eggs, seasoned matzo meal inc paprika and sesame seeds then fried till golden and crispy. Served in a Bread Ahead Ciabatta loaf, with home made middle eastern slaw, mayo and pickle

Borough Market - Monday to Saturday

Hot Salt beef bagels & sandwiches as follows:
London's Brick Lane beigels with English mustard and thick cut sweet & sour pickles

Light Polish style Rye bread with caraway seeds, English mustard and thick cut sweet & sour pickles

Our bagels (Beigels) are traditional East End Of london Beigels (yes spelt correctly) boiled & baked every morning and delivered fresh from Brick Lane.

Our Rye bread again is baked every morning and delivered fresh.

Our falafels are served as wraps with humus, tahini, handmade chilli, pickled turnips, lettuce, tomatoes & cucumber salad and red cabbage salad all wrapped in a delicious Lebanese bread or Khobiz. They are both vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Our deli menu includes:-

Hot potato Lutka's cooked fresh every day and served with apple sauce and sour cream, as a salad, or as part of out salt beef platter. Absolutely stunning

Fish goujons cooked the traditional way in matzo meal. Our fish comes straight from the market and our supplier is no more than 50 feet away ensuring the freshest fish and shortest supply chain. Served in either a wrap or salad.

Chicken Schnitzel sourced just 100 feet away from the stall served in a Bread Ahead Ciabatta again from here in the market. This is a great sandwich and lets face it, who doesn't love fried chicken

Broadway Market - Saturday only

Hot Salt beef comes served on either:

Beigels, (plain or sesame) with English mustard and thick cut sweet & sour pickles or

Rye bread with caraway seeds, English mustard and thick cut sweet & sour pickles

Hot Mini Latkes (traditional potato pancakes)

A selection of tortilla wraps all freshly prepared to order including:

fried hot haddock goujons, chicken schnitzel, gefilte fish balls, latkes - all served with mixed salad and coleslaw.

home cured smoked salmon & cream cheese beigels

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