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My Nana (my Fathers mother), cooked salt beef at the turn of the century in the East end of London, and passed the secret recipe to my father many years ago. From the East End Streets, to Street Food. Now I have joined the family Salt Beef tradition and am bringing the 1944 recipe to the amazing and vibrant street markets across London. Since joining the family business, we've expanded from our stalls in londons Broadway Market in Hackney on Saturdays and Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell on Thursday & Fridays into the amazing Borough Market in Southwark on Monday to Saturdays and most recently Old Spitalfields Market 6 days per week.

Hot Salt Beef bagels, sandwiches & falafel wraps

We serve traditional Hot Salt Beef sandwiches on Polish style Rye bread with caraway seeds which is baked especially for us, and Hot Salt Beef bagels piled high, all complimented with thick cut pickles and English mustard. A recent mystery shopper survey commented "The salt beef, slowly being cooked looked fresh, juicy and very tempting. My sandwich was prepared in fresh bread with a lovely smell and an excellent texture to it. All the ingredients of my sandwich were clearly fresh and of high quality. The pickles were super crunchy, making the mixture of textures a feast for the palate. I was very pleased with the taste of my sandwich and would purchase the same sandwich again" Our product tasting scored 12/12 which is 100%.
As a salt beef lover myself, I'm our biggest critic and let me say now, our salt beef is delicious!!

To compliment our carnivore offerings, we also serve London's best falafels as voted for by Time Out magazine and The evening Standard. Delicious vegetarian and vegan friendly organic chickpeas, cumin, garlic, dill, parsley, tahina (sesame paste), salted pickles, parsley lettuce, tomato and an optional slathering of hand made chilli sauce, wrapped tightly in Lebanese style flat bread.

So whats the difference between a beigel & bagel you may ask?

A beigel is a traditonal Jewish bread roll. It's boiled first then baked giving it a really unique taste and texture. Our beigels are delivered fresh every morning from London's Brick Lane.

A Bagel is a much softer, doughy type bread found more commonly in the supermarkets. They tend to be bigger and certainly last longer than the traditional beigel.

How do you turn a Brisket, into Salt Beef

A Brisket is a cut of meat which has alot of connective tissue and fat. During the cooking process, this turns into a natural gelatine which is forced out through the meat resulting in the soft buttery texture. Get it right and the brisket is soft, flaky and delicious. Get it wrong and it's dry and stringy. Our briskets start out weighing in at a mighty 7 to 8 kilo's so enormous pots are required. However during the cooking process, its not unusual to loose as much as 40% of the raw weight. Understanding the temperatures, textures & length of cooking time are all the skills required to turn the humble brisket into amazing, buttery soft Salt Beef.

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